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coming up with the news buzzing about the a.p. phone records scandal there is still more to uncover do the department of justice even need its own standards with the subpoenas they process to do the phone tracking will answer that question ahead. and silence is golden but it's another story in federal court gerald koch is an anarchist subpoenaed to testify before the federal grand jury and he's decided not to cooperate now he's facing the threat of jail time we'll have more details on the case from new york in just a moment. we're now at one the one hundred day mark for the guantanamo bay hunger strike critics continue to question the obama administration's lack of action in closing down the detention facility and then just look at how the strike is progressing and its future possibilities in just just
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a few moments. it's thursday may sixteenth four pm in washington d.c. i'm going lopez and you are watching r t well it has been a bad it week for the obama administration it seems the curse of the second term might have finally settled on the president and his staff from the latest benghazi details to the i.r.s. scandal the media is giving the full court press to the white house and perhaps nothing can unite the media more in a cause more concretely anyway then threatening their fifty first amendment rights at no other time would viewers see fox news and mess and b c standing together then in the defense of the fourth state r.c. correspondent liz wahl takes a look at the backlash that the administration is facing as a result of the department of justice seizing a.p. phone records. amid
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a justice department scandal perhaps more than ever before journalists and citizens are raising questions over the freedom of the media to get news and talk to sources in private while details remain murky there are very clear guidelines when it comes to the justice department getting subpoenas of the news media because our standards d.o.j. sets for itself let's take a look at them now. according to the rules the investigation must be as narrowly drawn as possible as of now the a.p. isn't convinced that this is the case that all the facts point to the opposite we know now that the justice department traced incoming and outgoing calls and twenty telephone lines in three separate bureaus and the capitol press gallery this includes private and work lines traced over the span of two months the a.p. believes that over one hundred employees could be involved with this in mind it appears the investigation was quite broad and not at all narrow another requirement is to first seek information from alternative sources the justice department says
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it did in fact try to identify the person that leaked the information to the media through other means the deputy attorney general said quote in this case that apartment undertook a comprehensive investigation including among other investigative steps conducting over five hundred fifty interviews interviewing tens of thousands of documents before seeking the toll records at issue but considering the scope of the investigation the a.p. and many others are not convinced that tracking reporters' phone calls was a last resort now there is also this obligation to inform and to go she ate now reporters apic associated press were clearly not informed about the investigation because they had no idea that their calls were being scrutinized by the justice department but there is one exception and that's when doing so is a threat to national security president obama today said he had confidence full.
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and the attorney general and the justice department decision. leaks related to national security. can put people at risk. they can put men and women in uniform that i've sent into the battlefield at risk. they can put. some of our intelligence officers who are in various dangerous situations that are easily compromised at risk. u.s. national security. is. dependent on those folks being able to operate. with confidence that folks back home have their backs but the a.p. maintains they held off on publishing the story until they were sure doing so would not put anyone's life in danger interestingly enough within hours of the a.p. publishing the story in question john brown and who was the white house counterterrorism adviser at the time gave even more details to the press on the
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foiled terror plot then discussed in that a.p. report including the fact that the u.s. had an inside source and the guidelines dictate that any subpoena requires the approval of the attorney general but it's clear that this did not happen because attorney general eric holder seems to be unaware of the details pointing his finger at the deputy attorney general here he was facing questions from lawmakers yesterday. exceptions to some of the reach that you pointed out and i. have faith in the people who were responsible for this case to that they were aware of the rules and that's the followed. now with such a broad secret investigation into the media there is unprecedented scrutiny over government transparency this after president obama promised his administration would be more open than his predecessors but this scandal has many members of the media and the public questioning just how transparent this administration really
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has in washington lives of all parties on now to the story of a young man who could be heading to jail despite the fact that he did not commit a crime jerico could face up to eighteen months in jail for refusing to testify in front of a federal grand jury about an incident that happened all the way back in two thousand and eight the new york grand jury subpoena the twenty four year old to question him about a conversation he overheard at a bar a story is are trying to uncover who detonated a small bomb outside of times square's army recruitment center the so-called bicycle bomb shattered a window but did not result in any injuries the grand jury believes that the suspect was identified during that conversation at the bar a claim that jerry disputes and this is not the first time that he has actually been called to testify about the event once again he is refusing to cooperate and he's even not that talkative with the media either. we have to say to your
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supporters. they're here. but thank you it means a lot has this all been worth it. yes easily yes meanwhile the courthouse was brimming with gerry supporters here's what one of them had to say. i very firmly believe that this is. a fishing expedition that's not actually seeking to indict any kind of crime but is instead part of a national campaign to kind of identify and. infiltrate or break up radical communities in the united states the hearing was moved to three pm today and we will learn shortly whether or not gerry koch is headed to jail while still ahead here on r t the one ton of a hunger strike has reached one hundred days while many detainees are being force fed calls for the detention facility to be closed during an in-depth look at this
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crisis when we return. looking for pretty dumb stuff in the field that well you won't find it here if you're looking for relevant stories unique perspective on top my stands in antarctica. is it possible to navigate you carney with all the details in just a minute information and media hype will keep you up to date by decoding the
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mainstream headlines stated if in your mind. here is mitt romney trying to figure out the name of that thing that we americans call a dollar. i'm sorry i'm just a guy who cares enough about what. are you know what does my self. want to say the feature is on the on the liberal democrats to. secure the symbol to speak to. you know to support you to distract us from what you and i should care about because they're profit driven industry that sells a sensationalistic garbage he calls it breaking news i'm happy martin and we're going to break this that it's. safe.
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to say. let me let me i want to know we're going to let me ask you a point. here on this network as we're having a debate we have our knives out. this saturday thing there again here in a situation where being i don't want to talk about theory let me.
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on ounce of guantanamo bay hunger strike it is now reached its one hundredth day and still there is no end in sight now before she ended her time as a secretary of state hillary clinton wrote a letter to the obama administration urging them to do more to close the facility according to the daily basis that is in the memo she gave practical suggestions to start getting the ball rolling on the process including appointing a high level official to be in charge of overseeing this effort and include a transfers of some detainees were leasing others and the prosecution of just a few if someone like hillary clinton can convince the president to do more who can do that well for a closer look at the guantanamo bay situation and the actions both the president as well as congress can take i was joined earlier by a human rights lawyer david remes well i have compassion for every single man at guantanamo we've been fighting the legal fight for nine years and the courts haven't been responsive that's the point where the government has succeeded
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unfortunately the courts have pulled out but right now we're in a situation where the detainees have exercised the only power that they have after all other. avenues have been exhausted and that is to engage in a hunger strike at the logic of a hunger strike is death. and it has some of the the hunger strike and that's the force feeding themselves many call that force feeding torture so let's talk about the steps that congress could take to fix fix the situation at guantanamo bay and then we'll talk about some of the steps that president obama himself can take to assess the situation let's start with congress nothing would satisfy us more than having congress act here they would lift the onerous certification requirements that they've imposed on obama before he can release detainees of course he has the power to go aside those rules but if he does it might cause it might cause
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some flak that might be blowback on that. the congress could allow the president to bring men into the united states for trial in federal courts or. boards attention once convicted by military commissions but congress has made this a political football especially the republicans and the democrats simply fall in line with them so we're not placing our hope in congress but in president obama and meanwhile president obama oftentimes has said that his hands are tied when it comes to this as a result of the actions that congress is taking so let's talk about what president obama specifically can do and in order to close our start the process to close this as starting with the end of the moratorium of shipping yemeni citizens well that's the most important of all because out of eighty six detainees who have been cleared for transfer by the administration fifty eight of them or fifty six now are proof
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for transfer yet the president for political reasons is refusing to return he needs to their home he has to start by lifting that ban and he can't do it in ones and twos he has to start sending groups back he's his own greatest obstacle to closing guantanamo after that. he he should exercise the power that he has under the national security provision of the law to release these men and others again that takes political strength and courage and leadership which he has not demonstrated in the case of guantanamo so far david are we have a quagmire here i mean if these men it could be argued if these men weren't enemies of the united states before they certainly could be now they have a reason to be because they've been locked up for some of them of a not up for eleven years indefinitely without any type of trial they've also gone
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through torture methods that we know of and hanssen tera geisha and things like that so army acquired let the situation where it is now and the kind of how it's tumbled out of control to where we find ourselves today i was in yemen a couple of weeks ago and i saw three of my clients who had been released two of them work in a honey shop in thai yes' both of them have gotten married another detainees who i represented is an oil company engineer these are not people who engage in terrorism or reengage in terrorism they're trying to rebuild their lives they've had up with a third of their lives stolen from them they want stanleys they want homes they want to live their lives as individuals not group anonymous interchangeable men these are individuals they're human and they can't be lumped together well let's talk about the treatment that they are facing right now you
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were talking just a little bit earlier with him today about this new security policy when it comes to searching them so that they may be able to talk to their lawyers that they want in mind of going into detail about that i will be for now the military has tried various forms of. action in order to make the men's lives miserable it's put them in solitary confinement it made things very cold for them in their cells so these are two examples. they move them to isolation cells i don't know if i mentioned that but the fact is that these efforts have failed so the military is now going to the nuclear option which is a religious humiliation the way it's doing that is to say that a prisoner can't leave his own camp unless he undergoes a body search which includes feeling his genitals and his buttocks i think that this a westerner standpoint outrageous for of
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a western as standpoint but for devout muslim men i think it is the. one of the worst forms of humiliation there could be and for that reason if they don't want to leave their camp because of the searches they end up not being able to meet their lawyers not being able to have telephones with their telephone calls with their lawyers not being able to have telephone calls with their families clearly this policy will end if they break their hunger strike it's one of the greatest pressures applied so far and is it working yes it is. we have at least a dozen cases in which reporters in which other councils have told us that men are refusing their calls. a man i needed to see when i was in guantanamo a few weeks ago to prepare for a hearing refused to see me because of the searches and another also refused to
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meet me because at the searches this is quite an unbelievable story we are within our one hundred days of the time of our strike and there's no sign of it ending anytime soon david remes the human rights lawyer thank you so much for your time today thank you. well last month we told you about an incident involving a drunk man allegedly beating a muslim taxi driver after subjecting him to an eleven minute slur filled anti islam rant the taxi driver is thirty nine year old mohammed suddenly who by the way is a u.s. army veteran that served as a linguist during the iraq war the man he claims broke his job during a two minute two am taxi ride through virginia he is the president of the emerald aviation his name is ed dahlberg mr selene had the forethought to pull out his cell phone camera though and report record the entire exchange he now wants this to be treated as a hate crime are to correspondent margaret howell caught up with the taxi driver and brings us his tale. so much
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good. both of you are taxi driver mahomet's that we got more than he bargained for friday april twenty sixth when he picked up that were dahlberg for routine ride and that you are. a great saleman a northern virginia taxi driver and american iraq war vet said that this isn't the first time he's been harassed because of his beliefs that happens a lot but never a quarter. of that and i suspect something is going to happen this has happened here before it could get having as it was before so what exactly did happen it all began with celine picking up delbert at a country club for a routine ride home and he said a wake up from. a nazi from somalia. and he said somalia. that's right the us collation was quick and sold to me and you know accusing me
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know you. if in muslim. christian i'm a christian ok so. you're you're going to hate me and you're going to kill me. excuse me i'm going to get shocked so we took me to the place where he pulled over the camp with goldberg's to one side on the side of a bridge in your highway fearing for his life and then he mentioned about the boston model on you kill an innocent people in boston modify. and i'm going to kill you right now and that's what he punched me twice. and then he slammed the door he runs up here for a good one so selene says he doesn't know how many times. but it was enough to sustain a jaw fracture and a concussion unfortunately the alleged assault that happened on mahomet's leave is nothing near the department of justice recorded in twenty eleven but over two
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hundred fifty thousand. many of which when. the. son of the old world watching a problem the council on american islamic relations attorney said the recording made it clear that goldberg committed a hate crime right before mr dahlberg slammed the door shut. he said was all that a local prosecutor should need to know to treat this is a hate crime law might ask the simple question why are you punching me and mr dahlberg responded because your a expletive was one of the local prosecutor did not agree it was classified as assault rather than a hate crime mr goldberg czerny dimitri picked reveal it stated mr doyle berger gretz becoming emotional like many americans nine eleven had a profound impact on mr dog he certainly didn't mean to cause offense to mr selene or the islamic community mr goldberg asserts that there was no subsequent
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interaction between the two beyond this captured on the tape further mr goldberg did not assault mr salim at any time nor did he get violent in any way all of that and for her to get down. in fairfax virginia murder how old are. all vice president joe biden has been an odd public figure in the world of politics whether he is making off color statements about republicans putting chains back on people or calling president obama's health care law a big effing deal or even getting frisky with families of lawmakers he certainly isn't one to hold back his opinions for more on v.p. biden's blunders the residence florrie harshness.
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i found an old boy recently sent a letter to vice president joe biden which said i think guns should shoot out chocolate bullets and then no one will get killed and no one would be sad and because he's just a regular joe the vice president actually sent a note back to the kid writing i really like your idea if we had guns that shot chocolate not only what our country be safer it would be happier people love chocolate you are a good boy a. whenever i hear gosh golly stories like this i immediately want to vomit because it just reeks of the publicity stunt it seems like some white house insiders use to this story to promote gun control using a cute little kid in a way to me it just reeks of another example of politicians using the media to
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deliver asinine stories to control how the mindless masses think or maybe not need to biden does think chocolate bullets are a great idea it certainly wouldn't be the first asinine idea he's put out there in two thousand and six while he was still a senator from delaware he proposed portioning iraq into three separate regions he thought that would give each state room to run however it wanted great idea rice i'm sure they would have gotten along as well as israel and palestine do and recently has been the lead voice behind the idea that the us should adopt what's known as the zero option in afghanistan that means that after twenty fourteen the us would provide no military support to the afghan military and only a handful of special u.s. forces and drones would remain there to target al qaida on their own so the us
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would essentially be leaving afghans to fight the taliban and al qaida with zero support. as it stands today there are no u.s. led combat operations in afghanistan and last year for the first time the taliban failed to launch an offensive during the summer campaign season by his ear zero option would jeopardize all of that. i'm no fan of war games and would love to see no american military anywhere in the world but the world doesn't work that simply and certainly not in that ghana steadman which has been a breeding ground for violent forces for decades so for vice president joe biden to promote an incredibly simplistic one note possibly devastating solution is just embarrassing he might as well suggest that we give the entire afghan army that he got a scholarly chocolates boas that'll make the world happier and safer against the taliban
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right so tonight let's talk about that by following the end twitter asked the resident. well abercrombie and fitch used to be the brand for teens now the clothing company's c.e.o. has gotten himself into quite a tight situation c.e.o. michael jeffery said that he does carefully brand management because quote it's almost everything that's why we hire good looking people in our stores because good looking people attract other good looking people and we want to market to cool good looking people we don't want to market to anyone other than that this exclusive form of brand management has led abercrombie and fitch to go to extreme measures like not caring certain women's clothing sizes such as extra large and jeffries has even said he would rather burn it damaged abercrombie and fitch clothing than
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donate them to the homeless so filmmaker greg kapur actually decided to give the abercrombie brand a new make over take a look. headed to east los angeles also known as. the location of one of the largest populations of homeless people in america it was time to do some. people were reluctant to accept because perhaps they were afraid of being perceived as narcissistic daybreak is. that pretty soon they embraced it. in my expedition thank you sixpence but carver says that he can't make over the clothing company on his own he suggested that others find old abercrombie does and donate them to the needy so maybe in the not too distant future we will be more likely to see our clothing on the alley way down the runway so i will see you right back here at five pm with more news and death interviews.
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good afternoon to welcome the prime interest i'm harry and boring here and the washington d. faith and here's a story that we're keeping up with today. base are targeting blowhard after new revelations emerge about reporters improper use of confidential data j.p. morgan. itself is under fire for laughs and wrest control last year has as bloomberg to provide confirmation of its controls allegations are swirling that the london whale story itself what the bloomberg broke last year may have been a result of an improper for a lifting of the data and goldman is using the opportunity to turn the screws on bloomberg broker dealer operation we'll be discussing bloomberg gave a link today in a special segment and in a live interview with christopher chambers how do you remember.


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